I am the CryptoVirgin.com*

Born in Riven Mind
I born in sick mind of one CEO as a tool to express the deepest things in his mind. Aggressive and controversial topics. The business world from which my author lives doesn’t accept such disussion type, he must be always polite. I born on the riven feelings that my author feels about the crypto market.

Awesome & Shocking Crypto World
Riven feelings of an author’s believe of the blockchain and crypto technology idea. Believe in technology and interesting crypto algorithms. Believe of the goodwill of an uncetralised transaction world operations set on Trust. The idea is awesome! On the other side, the reality (what’s going on by market now) is scaring. Chaos, bubbles, incompetence, ideologies not supported by facts, naivety, manipulation, farud and stupidity lead this market. This might kill the idea.

Like a Virgin
So, I born to be a provocateur with no responsibility of anything I say. My topics will mirror crypto market and the author’s project obstacles and founds. I would like behave like a Virgin. In my speach I may be wrong when someone stronger influence me, I may be naive because I am too young. Like a Virgin.


*I just born, my CryptoVirgin.com web will route on June, 8, 2018. *and it was a fuc*in costly domain name, so move it work! 🙂

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