It’s exactly one year from launch of our My City publishing portal. The first try – the first part of Smart City Enterprise network. Initially we planned to start this portal as the last one, but the development part was pretty easy and we decided to develop it first and use it for making the Smart City Brand history. So, what has changed during the first 360 days?

Content Management

On the beginning we ordered articles from different bloggers, reviewed them and published. Later we decided to hire our internal writer. The quality and readability improved. People started react much better after continuous publishing of more adequate posts. Then we start to use a better SEO management and improved extremely writing as well as publishing. Based on analysis results, we changed the strategy of message that we distribute to audience. From the ultra-future technologies, to the near future technologies. Seems, that people are not ready to read about ultra-high-tech, but watch to closer reality.

Social Networks

We started Facebook network first, then we have included LinkedIn, later we added Twitter, Telegram and Reddit. Initially we just post every change on the web, later we changed posting logic marginally. Initially we focused to India auditory, later changed to world-wide audience. It’s pretty difficult to focus to one auditory when the project fits every country. Our followers increased to 180k across all social networks – need grow more. 75% of our audience is 18 – 34 years old man – next year we will focus to older people and female part of the audience. Our posts got 109k likes – that’s pretty good number and we would like to keep the same ratio the next year with more focus to Twitter and Reddit neworks.


On the beginning we thought that we have to use all the available free place on site for advertising and get monetized page’s views as much as possible. Later we decided that better will be to give to smart city listener better reading experience and significantly cut-off a volume of advertising on portal. As the effect, we have higer time spent on portal and increased return rate. Not bad. The next year we will focus on improving articles quality, create one more review level before publishing and higher attention to better interaction with the portal.


Portal is managed by two moderators and one writter. They maintain all operations areas. Articles writing, review and publishing. Content and SEO managament including advertising. Graphics part is in responsibility of shared graphics designer allocated for all Smart City Enterprise webs – My City, Build, Advisor, Coin). We plan to add quizes and similar content during the next year, but as per the actuals, we still will be able to operate with portal with the same resources. We have pretty good automation of routines and we will continue to fine-tune it to minimize human impact on portal operations to be able apply our “open mind strategy” and start to hire independent writers to join the editorial board.


Main focus for the next year will be on the quality of articles presentation, focus on the older auditory impression and closer integration of sales services to the content operations. From the back-office perspective we will focus on proper user rights and roles, setup moderation processes and allow vendor bloggers to publish on our portal.

We are glad that we are getting noticed and we started to get a questions from projects, companies and students about the technologies, use cases and consultations for that we are glad to help. We feel, that we are on the right way. On the other side, we are also getting offers from bloggers to publish on our web – free of charge – that help us with building the valuable audience.

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