Smart City Enterprise

We are proud for the design style that we have developed. It is just on the beginning of the long story internally called The Design Story. This story covers the development of twelve of main banners during the first phase. In this blog I will introduce to you this concept, how to watch to end-less surrealistic connections and how to understand their meaning.

Industrial Sectors

Imagine that exists twelve industrial areas surrounding all of us in our daily lives. For example a complete infrastructure arround us, constructions and buildings in which we live, we work, transportation systems that we daily use or energy and digital signals that surrounding us everywhere. We analysed the Smart City solutions market and defined all 12 segments where further cities development should focus and improve a quality, effectivity, security and so on.

The Design Story Concept

We are designing twelve pictures, each of them represent one of these industrial segments. The first drawing reporesents the overal meaning of Smart City. Every next drawing represent one of the industrial segment in details. On every drawing is visualised a scope list of all elements, tools, services and technologies that might be covered be a particular industrial segment.

Understand on Example

The first drawing (featured image of this blog) represent the main features and technologies of all industrial sectors: Infrastructure, Transportation, Buildings, Energy, Government, Education, Public Services, Commercial Services, Heath care, Media & Entertainment and Data & Technology.

Drawing contains 280+ elements of the daily use that might be touched and improved by some type of Smart technology. Drawing presents a connections between the elements of daily life and gives an end-less opportunity to think about the relations. I recommend to open high-resolution version of the drawing and think about my words with an opened picture. The drawing has been made with a many psychological moments to pull in your sight and make you think about.


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