Short term – catalogue visualisation, newspaper type of presentation.

Mid term – Rating system across all deals (consumers, suppliers, technology, deals/transactions). Application of gamification to routine processes and forms.

Long term – I am not a fan of crypto-currency (for sure – not in the form like it works now), but I like the blockchain principles. There are two areas that I plan to continue research. The first – writing information about tender deals into the blockchain and develop cheat-free tendering platform. We call this functionality internal as BDL (Blockchain Data Lock). The second – smart contracting. I am pretty sure that blockchain based smart contracting might replace a paper contract format. Smart contract is very flexible with possibility to write variable conditions. Conditions are written in blockchain so it is not possible to manipulate with them. Moreover it is possible to automate contract steps, like for example payments, etc. This might become a revolutionary feature in the future.

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