There are the different ways how the client will interact with our platforms and with us  but a typical sales cycle, we will collect by our bot information and contact data of our eventual clients, eventual solution suppliers. We will find the business for them on the public tendering and tendering platforms and we will touch them first by e-commerce communication. We will touch them in form of some business that suits them then we will continue with physical, we will find more detailed information of the company and we will try to touch them by calls. When we will convert them to opportunity, we will start to sell our advanced products, complex products. Client will setup services that we will provide them in form of communication point, the analytics part, the RFC preparation part etc. we will wet a batch of services and we will execute it. We will raise that documentation to the tender, they will pay us fee. This will be the typical sales cycle. Then client will do their best to compete in the tender, if the won’t or lose their job. After that client either will like our services from the first touch and they will come to cooperate with us and ask us to keep them informed nd to pay some subscription for this information or we just leave them and if there will be another opportunity for this company we will contact them again will process as usual. 

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