Due to the huge diversity of the audience, it is difficult to answer. Smart Technology, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and environmental politics are pretty popular. Common people, business people as well as politicians talk about different areas of Smart Technology across all industrial segments.

Common city infrastructure is often 30-50+ years old and insufficient to cover citizens needs, the next years the development across all industries will grow up. With the development needs will come more projects that will require some type of Smart solution due to different reasons like effectivity, scalability, or environmentally clean.

Every mid+ size companies have their procurement and sales departments. They are buying and they are selling. Both departments have different practices and process to execute their daily job. We offer them to do their job easier, faster and in the more interesting form, the most probably in many cases even cheaper.

Every of three portals in the Smart City Enterprise ecosystem has huge scalability to serve to a different audience. We are not just one-stop-shop. We will educate and raise up our future clients through different marketing activities and cooperation with universities.

From a real point of view – Our services are already noted. We were already contacted by few suppliers of smart technology and asked for help in development direction, for example on Sri Lanka. Another case – we were asked for recommendations regarding the water management case studies for the company in UAE. We got several questions from students about the different use cases. So, even that we are not in operations, people are interested in our services. Due to endless scalability of the information and services that we can provide, we expect that it’s only the matter of proper marketing to get clients who buy our services.

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