At this moment Lanast Co. follows our plan for the next 7 years of the project duration. In a strategy and plan everything is calculated by the parameters of impressions, by the price of click to our web sites or social network.

The prices are different from the cheapest one Facebook with the price of 0,01$ per action up to the Google and LinkedIn price starting in 0,20$ per action. Further categorisation is divided to groups based on the quality of the social network resources. There are 6 categories: A,B,C,D,E,F based on the quality of targeting resource. It means how expensive is to achieve audience from the common people up to the executive management of companies. The highest one is Google AdWord with the price 6$ per click. For such price Lanast Co. expects click of CEO, CEO -1 of big company. It is a big investment to the digital campaign to attract serious people, that's why the marketing budget doing the significant part of the project budget.

Campaigns are divided to the company growing directions, like for example, Main story, Transportation, Energy, etc. Lanast Co. will use different strategies and methods, from the common news, through viral marketing up to the complete story telling missions. Part of marketing channels, for example, for campaign “Who we are” will be in a form of video, animations and infographics. Campaigns are prepared for the 7 years of operations and Lanast Co. is planning to purposefully distribute them by certain logic. 

Following the high level overview of campaigns and their duration:

Lanast Co. has identified 1 349 000 000 people, citizens of India. Lanast Co. divided them by internet penetration (how many people from this number will have the internet access). Then the company identified direction of interests, their job titles and their location. To be more concrete, Lanast Co. selected interest: information technologies, production, sales, art & entertainment, administrative services, computation and mathematics, construction and extraction, transportation, architecture and engineering, management, education and government employees. 

From the targeting logic Lanast Co. identified 123 998 042 people, that work or will work (students) in organisations and government structures and may somehow impact the future of cities development projects on the technical, analytical or strategical - decision makings position. These are the people who Lanast Co. is planning to reach during the marketing campaigns execution.

These are people who are divided to 5 groups of interests.  The General group covers common people without special business interest for us, but necessary for brand building. The Education group, those who engages in learning processes. Futurists group those who are interested in different new things. Logisticians those who work in transportation direction, which includes logistics, warehouses etc. The last is Government where we’ll focus to green economics, financial and project themes.

The last and the most important part of marketing is properly configured SEO. How many digital campaigns look at keywords which are in top of search engine.

Lanast Co. will work on different types of directions of work with keywords of the content which will be published on, and

Lanast Co. will take care of audience quality and provide proper information to proper audience based on the targeting strategy. For the massive amount of the content the company carefully works with SEO setup and proper settings of the Google indicators. Our SEO strategy is to build a content quality with support of a domain strategy that way, that after few years of the project operation if anyone write to the search console anything about "smart, green, etc." one of the main site or one of the landing pages will be presented in top-10 sites.

With the network of a landing pages Lanast Co. will develop the content that will be based on directive keywords. For example - on the landing page will be published articles with related content, but the content inside this article will be set based on the analysis of popular searching keywords of users.

Every click on this landing web-site routes the client to the one of our 3 main websites.


  1. Conservative Investor

    Lanast Co. offers stability and continuous development strategy approach to build a sustainable company. Behind this presentation is the valid business case with a complex numbers of enterprise business model based of sales network principles. Traditional integration and sales consultancy company supported by a Blockchain based Tendering platform.

    The core of the business relates, but does not depends on the evolution of a crypto-market. Although, the enthusiastic trend of blockchains and reasonable regulation policies will have significant, positive impact to financial results.

    Lanast Co. offers Long term investment, 51% profit Share, Buy-Back – 3% annually and Token conversion to Share.  READ MORE

  2. Speculative Investor

    Lanast Co. offers various of scenarios and strategies in the project roadmap that may reflect in an interesting token volatility and price movements. Lanast Co. plans to list the CITY token to the exchange market after the 12 months of the crowd-sale period.

    Lanast Co. offers speculative initial price offering conditions and strong price on global exchanges.  READ MORE

  3. Traditional Investor

    If you are a traditional $/€ investor and you are untouched by ICO and crypto-market, you are probably very confused now in regarding to a investment opportunity. Lanast Co. has a different set of documentation to present, with a complex business case behind this presentation in usual project documentation form and scope.

    Lanast Co. offers to you Long term $/€ investment for 8 years/6,9% annual  You can contact us for more details HERE



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Symbol: CITY
Whitepaper: Available
Launch: 10.07.2018
Distribution: 1 643 609 281
Target: 26 017 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Type: ICO 2.0
Bonus: Available
Bounty: Available
Accepting: ETH*
Country: Czech Republic
*project business case valid for fiat currency funding.