For better sorting, Lanast Co. decided to setup customers profiles based on the content type consumption. Different range of products Lanast Co. is targeting to different customer base. Again, as the whole project architecture, it's about 3 portals.


is analytics, statistics and sales portal. Customers of this portal are sorted into three groups.
First customer type is employee of small organisation up-to 25 employees. Company is kind of an integrator who resale complex solution. Basically, doing part of the same work as Lanast Co. is planning, but they are focused to technical part without sufficient sales power. Lanast Co. will give them this power.
Second customer type is company, up-to 50 employees, which has it’s own production and offers own solution. Company again is focused on technical part without sufficient sales power. Lanast Co. will give them this power.
Third customer type is a small size company, up to 500 employees, which have their own production of smart solution, or is an integrator who resale complex integration solution. Company has sufficient power to act individually and is ready to pay for opportunity analysis.


is encyclopaedia. There is a huge diversity of the content recipients of this site. Site content is categorised to different types from the easiest text kind, to deep technical specification level. Let’s understand how web site content is categorised and and why it’s useful.
For every product, there is
L1 - Overall Information - where in a dozen of words is easy presented general  principles of the smart technology. Overall information is written under pedagogical review and must be understood by everyone - from children to adults.
L2 - Use Cases. Stories, that's ideal information for students who work on some project and gain information from our website.
L3 -  Components. Served by encyclopaedia for pre-sales managers, sales managers, solutions architectures who explore the implementation in the beginning, or who wants to understand how  technology does work.
L4 - Specification is a section which could be a paid service in the future, because it will contain detailed solution specification that Lanast Co. will communicate with partners (our future clients). Client of this site chapter is an engineer in the company who need to analyse how does the technology work, or what parameters it should have. Another client is middle-class government manager who is looking for information to understands the details of implementation of future smart products that he has to implement.
L5 - Price range chapter of the site is targeted to low/middle/big size companies or government apparatus who are looking for pre-implementation information for RFC (Request for Change) preparation. Client of this section is a manager, on the level -2 and -1  from the budgeting responsibility level  of some smart project. 
For us, this part of site is lead-founder tool and if someone click to this section that means that he is interested in buying/selling solutions, Lanast Co. grabs him by web site monitoring and try to convert into the client.


is editorial board. Publishing newspapers, social networks targeting content and our business content. The purpose of the portal is to get as much people to visit site, as possible, and Lanast Co. assume based on prognosis to get base of millions listeners.
Customers of are low/middle/big companies who want to have paid ads on our website. Lanast Co. offers context and banner ads.
Listeners of are common people between 17-49 years. More details read on Marketing Strategy.

According to market analysis, the city development tendering market and its current rules for exploitation public tenders are not enough. Lanast Co. executed an analysis of 28 tender portals available publicly in India through which both the state and commercial sector publish their tenders. Half of them are powered by government, the rest are owned by private companies. Lanast Co. performed analytics of the quality of sites, namely, ease of use, the ability to search data between tenders and so on. Based on the data, Lanast Co. creates the lead product first, that carries the basic data about the tender. 

When Lanast Co. has lead product ready, there are the phases which the company calls Hits. Hit - digital commerce process by e-mail, social networks promotion tool. Lanast Co. runs the promotion campaign to support every sales quarter period. For the beginning Lanast Co. has our supplier base ready, which currently has 280 Russian companies. In fact, there are tens of thousands of companies in the market in this smart technologies segment in the world. But as a small company, Lanast Co. has to learn to grow and play on the market first, before the mass acquisition.
Lanast Co. decided that the company starts with Russian-speaking companies because, if we look at the Russian market, the quality or technological level of Russia in at the same level as the whole western world, even sometimes better. Russia in cooperation with Korea and other Asian countries at a sufficiently high on technological level to easily compete with Western or American solutions. And the market is 30 percent cheaper in comparison to western solution usually implemented these days.
Therefore, Lanast Co. selected these 280 interesting players from Russia, which will be the first target group for the hit company. Lanast Co. launch a hit - this includes promotion, monitoring and analysis what users are doing, where are watching, how respond, where they are holding the mouse, where they are looking, which are interested, how many scrolls are made, and so on.
Lanast Co. is going to conduct the selling plan very aggressively, therefore Lanast Co. will persistently sell. If the client shows any degree of interest, it means when he clicks the first time, the company's systems instantly catch the data and immediately connect the selling processes: initiate call him to meet, chat, discuss, send mail. In short, work with the client on to sell something to him, the beginning of sales run process.
After the finish of the hit period Lanast Co. analyse quarterly generated period, the company will perform evaluation, sees what happened, what was the reaction. Sum up the quarterly, Lanast Co. will tie up the next campaign and go on. On this quarterly mode Lanast Co. will adjust further the hyper forms and indicators for salespeople, adjust their goals, volume, gamification to make it right and convenient to work with their goals and solicit sales. This is all  about the sales process.
In principle, Lanast Co. can say that 90% of them don’t work. The company used the categories ABC to express above described quality parts.
Lanast Co. found 2 tender platforms which can be considered as real competitors and both of those platforms are aggregator of tenders. But the aggregator of all tenders. All the common operational mess of tendering office supplies, or other small maintenance related staff. The company going to do the same work as these aggregators, but Lanast Co. is going to look only at smart solutions. Lanast Co. looked through these tender portals, looked at the data, went through several hundred tenders, looked at the documentation, looked at what kind of contracts there, and so on.
And determined the average cost of the public tender decision which was set at 88 502 € per tender. With this number of tenders for our analysts, 9.41% can be solved by the variant of smart technologies. 9.41% is equivalent to 576 tenders per month, that the company need to scan, gather from them necessary data in the proper format for the preparation of our products. Then Lanast Co. needs marketing help to distribute to the grid. For sale forecasting Lanast Co. sets a penetration level starting from 1% of selected amount up to 9% from the tendering monthly volume.

The main Lead generation product is product Play that may be bought by client as a simple product related one exact tender, or by a subscription pricing model and get access to all Play products. Product Play is every tender applied on our tendering platform packaged by our marketing projections in templates. Product Play = Information & Data about Tender.

All other tendering products start on a product Play and packaged by additional professional services that we make for client. Every next product equals to volume and type of services that we will do in the concrete tender. Starting by documentation and communication, through legal and project management services, to the complex sales and acquisition management.

In fact, similar process occurs at  the second level of our product Reporting. In total, Lanast Co. has three types of reporting.
Simple is the standard statistics where Lanast Co. will collect data on how people behave. Short business information, plus data on tenderers, etc. The company looks at how it sells, how corrupted, how Lanast Co. collects and releases small reports. In general, Cheap reports and try to attract people to these statistic reports on the subscription. This makes sense after three years of business, when Lanast Co. already has enough of these reports so that if they pay, they have already paid for something. These reports for 5 years are going to collect about 480, but this is only the first report product simple.
The next if a Complex product, where Lanast Co. is going to collect 144 reports during this period. This is already a comprehensive reporting on some direction. Over this person will work a month,  financial and technical analyst one who will collect all the statistics, data. And creates a standard 45 page opportunity report on the industry where further move the company. Where to behave, where to look at potential business and so on. Standard Business Opportunity Report.
The last report is access to the Dossier, so the company calls it. This is a complex report which is either on order, or the company conducts standard forecasting reporting during the year, the company releases 96 dossiers during this time. This is a global comprehensive reporting, a report of 120 pages of serious text and specific statistics. Leave the dossier work long for a few people. This is product - Reports. 


Lanast Co. will start with the most important product - blockchain. The technical part blockchain platform, principles in the technical part of this project was already explained. But here is one profitable product that Lanast Co. is planning to sell to clients. Most probably it will be based on the fee from the transaction between the project and smart contract stakeholders. So Lanast Co. will take  the fee 0.5% of the tender product. Except of the tendering  fee the company will also sell the additional services, additional consultancy men-days  for the paper work and help to process the project as fast as possible. Lanast Co. has included in plan development of this product, but the company does not include revenue of this product to the business case.
The next of the products Lanast Co. is planning to sell is the common advertising. Lanast Co. has 3 portals - encyclopaedia, - business portal, - newspapers. Lanast Co. is planning to sell common advertising on our portals, Lanast Co. expects that the company will have hundred millions social network followers including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter etc., the company will have hundred thousand, later millions accesses to our sites per day so Lanast Co. will use it for advertisement. Lanast Co. doesn't plan to use common AdSense type of advertising which is used at the beginning. The company will have our own engines and advertisement strategy. This mass advertising is not the solution that suits us. With growing the volume of users accessing our systems, our webs Lanast Co. can select adequate advertising of the huge companies related to the smart technologies. - encyclopaedia will be without common or standard advertisement banners. It is encyclopedia without this disturbing effect. - business Lanast Co. includes some advertisement that will be for huge or very valuable companies. And even that Lanast Co. will really think trice if the company really want to have some advertisement on the site. And if yes, in graphics format that's according to the design strict rules. - news will be of course used for advertising of any partners, Smart City solution suppliers available on the marketing in different size of the advertisement elements.
The next advertisement product (channel) that Lanast Co. is planning to implement is related to - encyclopaedia. It will be kind of mystery (hidden) advertisement, because it won’t be as a common banner. Lanst Co. expects that it will be a part of encyclopaedia like a hidden context. The company has sections in product items where you can find  different kind of solutions, use cases, and different kind of price ranges of a solutions, that’s the place where will be very useful promoting solutions of our partners. It will be not disturbing for eyes of the common audience. User, who is not searching this kind of information won’t be disturbed by banners and he won’t see that during the browsing encyclopaedia at all. But, the user who is interested in technologies, prices will see that even if he don’t think the it is advertisement. It will be some kind of mystery advertisement. So, this is another product that Lanast Co. is planning to include in the company's product portfolio. 

Lanast Co. expects that the company will have encyclopedia after 2-3 years. The company will have encyclopedia with 13800+ items with 12 drawings regarding smart areas. Drawing like you can see on the front page of this business story. So, the company is planning to make catalogues, e-books, physical books. The company is planning to distribute digital catalogue every year, it won’t be like product catalogue, it will be promotion of web encyclopedia for money. It will be nice, it will be like a book. The company will make several versions for children up to 10 years, another for children up to 15 years,. Parents will pay for this nice book. Also the one book version will be customised and text adjusted for the older audience.
When Lanast Co. will have fine-tuned all encyclopaedia products in some final version (there will never be a final version because the technology development growing fast, so the company must always research and include new parts) and the company will cover all the areas of smart industries and the company will have graphic material for this content, Lanast Co. will release  a physical book in different languages. Lanast Co. will sell it in common book stores in physical and digital form, but physical form is more important from the branding image and from acknowledgment of users about us. 
Another product Lanast Co. is planning to sell to our clients will come later once Lanast Co. will have image and name -  Grants. Grant for the research and development of smart areas. As a first, Lanast Co. will be publishing information about valuable grants in the same form like Lanast Co. is publishing tenders. The company will promote it through social networks. Lanast Co. will have 2 parts of this grant product. The first one will be promotion of us. Lanast Co. will do that as a free service for students of universities and colleges. The company will help to pass through the bureaucracy with paper work. The company will help students to apply their project to get the grants. It will promote us. The next part will be non profitable organizations that are working on research. Lanast Co. will be doing this as a postpaid service because it will be work with paper-documents, with rising project to get grant. When they will get grant, the part of the management fees that are planned in the budget will be our services.
The next product Lanast Co. is planning are events. The company is planning to participate in conferences, university programs as a presenter, sometime as an organiser of the event. Common conferences, events organization. 
The last product Lanast Co. is planning to serve is related to man-days sell. The company is going to consult buyers. Especially the government employees will be in target for the company's focus. That means Lanast Co. is going to make name in smaller cities, not only capitals and big cities. Smaller cities that have money for city development, but they don’t have experience, specialist, even they don’t know that such smart solution exists. Cities which development is related for example to agriculture. They are developing slower, they have lower budgeting. The quality of administration and bureaucracy,  organization of city is much lower than in big cities. Lanast Co. is going to take these cities by selling them consultancy services, for preparing requirement for change and all the paper bureaucracy preparation on the highest quality level. Lanast Co. plans serve such quality, that when they send it to capital for approval, they should be surprised what a  high quality document they received from the region. Something that they are not able to do by themselves.
Lanast Co. has seen many documentation of tendering solutions, there is a huge space for improvement. They are missing a lot of information. Lanast Co. has seen very often that the capability of the writer of the document is on a very low level. Lanast Co. can help with this, and Lanast Co. will sell additional consultancy man-days for this products.