The technical and operational plan of this project is scheduled for the next 10 years. The plan is detailed enough to show project development approach. Lanast Co. usually taking approach that for every step the company use our imagination to relocate to the person, to the executor of the task and thinking what the company have to do. Lanast Co. writes some steps and makes some effort estimation of those task. Effort estimations Lanast Co. is doing based on waited average minimum, maximum expected duration effort average.
The first phase - project. It’s about a concept preparation, about the thinking about the project, about what is Smart City. Lanast Co. did a huge analysis, the company did it to our sparing partners. So Lanast Co. did, let’s say, very deep analysis of the thousands maybe ten thousands web links about solutions, about companies delivering solutions, tenders etc. Everything about Smart City. Lanast Co. spent 3 years of our lives to learn about Smart Cities. Then Lanast Co. made setup of the project. So the company set up task management, Wikipedia, internal wikipedia, communication softwares setup, basic work principles and made initial documentation like frame place etc.
Later Lanast Co. moved to portfolio mapping. Lanast Co. has created the structure of the catalogue or encyclopaedia, business catalogue and prepared project documentation budget plan fundamental principles and run it.
Then Lanast Co. is moving to phase of development, where the company is developing design story of portals. All the graphics, all the art work etc. Then Lanast Co. developing editorial board. That’s all the network setup, social network setup, content preparation and load, and all the integrations configurations.
The next developing thing Lanast Co. is doing is It is a web development, so, more or less the company can say that Lanast Co. has ready website itself but the company has about 1,5 maybe 2 years to load a content there because 30000-12500 items are quite huge number to make it with Wow effect. Lanast Co. doesn’t want to decrease the quality of the webs because of the time. So Most of the time for development spent to content loading.
Then Lanast Co. is building, developing the website is running already. Lanast Co. will be setting first design part, then the company will set up the membership to engines. Then the company will setup the portfolio and products of our business there. Then Lanast Co. is developing aggregation robots. Software developing of data mining robots that searching through tender portals and public information on internet with specified link the company is downloading the data and making some internal structure for that. So this is the next part of development phase.
Then Lanast Co. is developing the landing pages, the batch of 350 websites for that the company has to develop the page with some interesting content and motivate user to click somewhere and it will route him to main 3 portals. So this is mostly the simple web design and web development work.
The last thing Lanast Co. is planning to develop is blockchain based tendering platform. Based on our internal BI and integration to CRM the company is going to automate tendering bureaucracy processes and use for the contracting and data connection between partners blockchain transactional systems. Lanast Co. doesn’t know what system it will be, because the company is still in the analysis of the market and solutions available and trying to understand the quality probability of available blockchain transactional systems. So it will be third party and that part of the development is integration of third party solution to our matching processes.
Then Lanast Co. is going to make operational part. Planning operational parts that means X-nodes operations. That’s simple communication part of the project and that people who maintain chats and emails, phones everything, simply communication board. Plus support board for other teams regarding the system administration and simply IT maintenance. Then in operation the company has to make office, editorial board, setting the structure, setting job profiles and responsibilities and of course operational processes for the department. The same Lanast Co. is doing for and department parts. Simply preparing departments from the process and organizational perspective to run.
The last part of Operations phase is executive reporting. Lanast Co. is setting the automation reporting, simply rooting reporting for the managers that will cover the overall company status and specific reports regarding marketing, sales and finance. And of course quarterly and yearly review of the company.
The next phase is Commercial. In product management Lanast Co. is going to build products, Lanast Co. is going to build processes behind the products. Lanast Co. is going to customize the pricing. Lanast Co. is going to tune the tender products flow. Lanast Co. is going to blockchain products flow in the product portfolio. Lanast Co. think longterm run, blockchain part, but the company want it. So the company will do that.
Then Lanast Co. will make the product documentation guides, flyers and all the stuff for later marketing promotion. Simply, product management setup.
Supplier management. In this phase Lanast Co. is going to work first with database that the company collected, plus Lanast Co. is going to research market and find the toward tree optimal partners for portals where the company will buy data for business contacts. It’s possible and Lanast Co. will do that. Then the company will run the processes for the competition management, simply CRM. Lanast Co. will control the social networks of our partners, of our competitors, the company will watch the news board of them and make some routine reporting. Communication management is the next part of this phase. It’s the preparation of templates for the communication, the scripts and etc. Simply, follow to give tools to X-nodes to operate effectively based on our existing product, based on the culture etc.
The next is business management. That’s kind of preparation for reporting, physical cooperators, the partners, media copywriters, suppliers, clients, colleges and university events. So it’s a PR part of the company, of the business.
Then Lanast Co. has long phase called business rollout and pro-motioning campaigns. It is start of the business, start of the sales. That means the company will start to work with physical sales agent networks with high support of promotion tools. Marketing will rule that time.
The Last parts of our planning are the company operations, papers, accounting, salaries, recruitment, backend company operations process. Then Lanast Co. will setup the legal part of the company run, again papers. Simply everything regarding management is about papers.
And finally our practice on the project is strategy story operations and roadmap where the company just highlight for ourselves the key milestones of the project because it’s quiet easy to use yourself in the plan.

Prefix abbreviations: [PRO] Project; [DEV] Development; [OPS] Operations; [COM] Commercial; [MNG] Managerial
Long term groups explanation: Item 709, 765, 819 - contains process review phases. We are usually doing process review in 6 months phases and applying changes for better effectivity. It's our common practice from previous projects with good results. Someone may negotiate why we are not doing this for the item 862 as well. Yes, we are doing, but the business part is more complex and we are covering review points as part of item 1025 and 1231.

Lanast Co. has several social channels Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook as the main ones, where the company publish news about the portal. Lanast Co. wants to set up a publishing standards for investors in the form of daily reporting, which carries the basic set of information that investors need.
Lanast Co. is going to avoid to sit for days and nights chatting and react to all real time, because as a first it is useless, in the second it is expensive, in the third it is labor-intensive. The company set a report format that the company will share to review project progress. Report will contains the following areas:

General Details: Lanast Co. will tell by few sentences an overall progress information. No technical, no economical terminology. Everyone must understand.
Project Progress: The main things done on the project.
CITY Token: Token progress, it's status in network and exchange statuses.
Finance: Project balance sheet.
Answers: Every day, our social robots scan through mentions and comments on social networks channels and collect information about activities about us. The company consider comments selection based on importance and adequacy that the company will answer in report and include in FAQ catalogue. If there are many answers, the company will either increase the number of answers in the report or transfer the answers to these interesting questions the next day. In short, all get an answer to their questions, if they are adequate.
In short, a transparent approach to the matter. On the beginning it will be interesting for investors, later for people who will work with projects. 
During the crowd sale period Lanast Co. will release report on the daily basis, later Lanast Co. is going to do a bi-monthly and monthly reporting period. As common for all our sites, these reports will be available on our web, as well as posted to our social network channels.

Transparent & Educative is the topic that's the most interesting part of the project for our CEO personally.
Five years ago, his wife invested to the network of Russian pizzerias DoDo pizza. It's a franchise network and just not interesting from their point of view. But on the other hand, DoDo pizza does the financial reporting and the financial management of the company publicly. So they show people interested in what kind of expenses they have in each direction, what problems they face, how they solve them, publish their internal activity on the website in a shorter way.
Lanast Co. would like to go deeper and further.
One thing is some kind of monthly reporting, another thing is the operations of this company. In short, Lanast Co. is going to create an environment with this project. Most likely the company will have to have a project assistant who will deal with the project documentation. Lanast Co. is going to post internal project information throughout the project just for the education of students. So that students can view information about how the project look like, how its phases looked at the very beginning, and see all the progress of the project, read comments and watch operations, look at different parts, participate in the form of meeting minutes of what is discussed at the meeting and so on.
This is not all, because it is an endless stream of information and data, but in some interesting mode. Lanast Co. will publish information in our internal Wikipedia so that young project managers, managers in companies who have some kind of technical knowledge from universities, develop their working skills to see one of the options for project management.