CEO Talks

11Dec 2018

Due to the huge diversity of the audience, it is difficult to answer. Smart Technology, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and environmental politics are pretty popular. Common people, business people as well as politicians talk about different areas of Smart Technology across all industrial segments. Common city infrastructure is often 30-50+ years old and insufficient […]

06May 2018

We have 4 people working on the project on full time and 8 people working on the project externally as freelancers and a third party agency that’s working for design. I am the one founder of the project. I am experienced project manager with 15+ years of  international projects implementation and spent time in countries […]

09Mar 2018

There are several fundamental reasons, but shortly said: Because it is a future. Cities are overloaded (especially in Asia) and population in cities will grow. Many cities solving the logistics/transportation problems already and many will surely start soon. Cities and companies will come to the stage, when only automated solutions with own BI can manage […]

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