A two Venture Capital investors are allowed to participate on Smart City Enterprise project funding. Following read the financial part of Executive Summary letter addressed to investors. For deeper numbers, products and strategy you can find in Business Case.


The financial plan covers 6 years of business development and 3 years of business operations. The break-even point is scheduled to April, 2022 - the 41st month of project duration. Project forecasts ROI 33,2% with a Net Profit of €11.987.179 at the end of 6 years of project duration. After the stabilisation of development and moving project to operation stage project forecasts 30% of Revenue growth with a 3% of Cost of investments increment for annual period.
Project funding will be covered by a hybrid currency model. 20% of the project - the core business processes will be covered by fiat currency investors in amount of €2.190.512. Project forecasts 6,3% of Investment return for annual period. After break-even, the shareholders will be paid by dividend in average of 12,0% of net profit share for 5 years period after break-even point. The total dividend amount for 9 years of project duration is forecasted to Profit - €11.410.548. The limitation of investors volume is set to two ventures or two single investors.
A continuous financial support of the project will be covered by crypto currency investors by CITY token's Smart contract. Project distributes to crowdsale 1.643.609.281 of CITY tokens with a power of 51% of the Net profit share. The minimal amount of investment is a crypto currency equivalent of €2.006 per 1 investment position. The equivalent price is dynamic based on crypto-currency market movement. Project forecasts a long term investment return in amount of 539% per 1 investment position. The limitation for crypto investors is 4.369 investment positions. Exit strategy of CITY token is in conversion by authority to legal company share under the jurisdiction of EU.



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