Contain potentially defamatory statements

Contain potentially defamatory statements

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Defamation laws exist to protect individuals or organisations from unwarranted, mistaken or untruthful attacks on their reputation. Posting a defamatory statement on a blog is the same as publishing it in a newspaper or magazine and can result in a court case if a formal complaint is made.

To avoid breaking defamation laws in your comments, please ensure that you verify the information in your comment, especially when presenting negative statements as facts. Also avoid jumping to conclusions, exaggerating or making subtle implications. Remember that adding the word ‘allegedly’ to a statement does not stop it being defamation.

Both you and the can be held liable if you make a defamatory statement on the website, so we will remove comments where we have insufficient evidence to defend publication of your statement. This means the moderators may err on the side of caution when considering some comments.