How are comments moderated?

How are comments moderated?

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Comments are checked or ‘moderated’ in three different ways, depending on subject of discussion and target age range of the site:

Every single comment is checked before it appears.


All comments appear immediately and are checked shortly afterwards.

Reactive Moderation
Comments are usually only checked if a complaint is made about them. This approach is only used in discussions intended for adults. If you see a comment that you think may break one of the House Rules, please alert a moderator by using the report link. are currently trialling reactive moderation, using an intelligent filtering system to more quickly identify and remove comments that break the House Rules. This means that most comments will appear immediately rather than all comments being pre-moderated, improving the experience for our users. If you see a comment beneath a news story that you consider breaks the rules, please report this to the moderators, using the link that appears when your mouse cursor is over the comment.

When you click into the comment box it will state whether it is pre-moderated, post-moderated, or reactively moderated. The majority of comments on reactive sites will not be viewed by the moderators unless they are reported. However, individual comment modules, messageboard topics and discussions, user accounts and particular words and phrases may all be set to post- or pre-moderation at the discretion of the