How does the collect data about me?

How does the collect data about me?

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You provide some data yourself
For instance, when registering for a account:

  • Anyone under 13 has to provide their date of birth and choose a username
  • Anyone aged 13 to 17 has to provide their date of birth and email address
  • Anyone over 18 has to provide their email address, postcode and year of birth
  • We also ask everyone what gender they identify as. You can choose female, male or enter another term of your choosing. And there’s also an option if you’d prefer not to say

We collect some data automatically
Like your IP address, what browser and device you’re using, and your unique identifier. And we can tell what webpage directed you to the by looking at information from your browser.

If you’re signed in we’ll also know how you use the This helps us give you a better, more personalised

Any apps on your phone, tablet or TV may store info on your device. And we may access that info. When you ask for local news, you can choose if you want to give us access to your device’s location.

We may use all this data to see how you’re using the online.

We also collect data about things you ‘Add’
For instance, if you add artists you want to follow in