GDPR Guide

July 16, 2018

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and at its most basic, it specifies how personal data should be lawfully processed (including how it’s collected, used, protected or interacted with in general). It’s intended to strengthen data protection for *all people whose personal information fall within its scope of application, putting personal […]

Check CITY token Balance

July 14, 2018

    STEP 1 – OPEN WEB-SITE   STEP 2 – SELECT THE TOKEN AREA   STEP 3 – FILL TOKEN DETAILS Fill Token symbol, decimals and contract address: 0xed66d63dd5b63874a5d4dc6a753236991e67324e   STEP 4 – CELEBRATE! Now you can see your CITY token shares in your account. You can return to your investor profile regularly to see […]

Buy CITY token PayPal

July 13, 2018

STEP 1 – FILL THE PAYPAL FORM Fill the PayPal form available in section: Buy the CITY token with PayPal Fill investment position quantity Check the total investment price Submit your payment STEP 2 – CONFIRM PAYMENT After Submit you will be redirected to you PayPal account. Check your investment amount again and confirm transaction. […]

Create Ethereum Wallet

July 12, 2018

    STEP 1 – OPEN WEB-SITE Creation of Ethereum blockchain crypto-currency wallet is free. Open link and create your password. Be careful and always check the web-site address. Don’t get phished by hackers!   STEP 2 – RECEIVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY **Do not lose it!** It cannot be recovered if you lose it. Never! **Do not share […]

Buy CITY token ETH

July 11, 2018

STEP 1 – OPEN YOUR WALLET Open you unique wallet on   STEP 2 – SELECT YOUR INVESTMENT WALLET   STEP 3 – SET TRANSACTION DETAILS Fill the Crowdsale contract address: 0x3dc3a98f275c05fd7abea52eafa3df881ce64dfc, set the right investment amount, generate transaction. If you are using ledger or any other verification tool, at this moment you have to confirm […]


July 10, 2018

INVESTMENT POSITION NOTICE Investment Position is the minimal amount in ETH that may be invested. You can buy either single position, or you can buy more more positions by multiplying minimal amount. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transactions with different than 1 or more multiplied investment position smart contract automatically reject.   ONE MORE TIME CALCULATE ETH AMOUNT […]


July 10, 2018

KYC STEP 1 – ACCEPT TERMS & CONDITIONS   KYC STEP 2 – FILL YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS You can verify your identity with any official government document – ID-card, passport or driving license. After taking a photo of your document, please send us the pictures, using the form.   KYC STEP 3 – IDENTIFY YOURSELF […]

Market & Industry

April 14, 2018

The Smart City Enterprise project Business Case and web-site includes market and industry information and forecasts that has been obtained from internal surveys, reports and studies, where appropriate, as well as market research, publicly available information and industry publications. Such surveys, reports, studies, market research, publicly available information and publications generally state that the information […]

LANAST CO. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this project whitepaper, business case and the terms at any time during the sale by posting the amendment on the website news. Any purchaser will be deemed to have accepted such changes by purchasing CITY token. If […]