Why must we have moderation?

Why must we have moderation?

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At the SmartCityCoin.io, we allow as much freedom as possible to have relevant debate on our website. However, we are also responsible for making sure that these discussions stay polite, safe and relevant and do not violate any laws or the SmartCityCoin.io Guidelines. This is why we have a set of House Rules that we ask everyone to follow. Moderators only remove comments that break these House Rules.

Moderation is necessary so all users can participate without fear of intimidation by other users or being subjected to offensive content. Also, people may intentionally or unintentionally post content that is unlawful, putting themselves as well as the SmartCityCoin.io at risk of legal action. Moderation helps avoid expensive legal action that could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence-fee payers’ money.

Please take care when copying text from someone else’s comment into your own. If the text you have copied into your comment is seen to break the House Rules, your entire comment will be removed.

We provide explanations through email for all moderation decisions so that we can make the moderation process as transparent and as fair as possible. In some cases the reasons for removal may not be apparent to other users of the board, but the person who posted it will receive an email explanation when the decision is made to remove it.

Unfortunately we cannot give detailed individual explanations as to why a comment was removed, and can only consider appeals against the removal of comments if they concern a serious legal or editorial issue. If you need to contact us about a moderation decision, please write to feedback@smartcitycoin.io providing a link to your comment or a copy of the moderation email you received.

Finally, it is important that you accept the SmartCityCoin.io Terms of Use before contributing to SmartCityCoin.io. Please note that the terms clearly state that the SmartCityCoin.io reserves the right to delete any contribution, or take action against any Smart City iD account, at any time, for any reason.