Why was my comment removed without any explanation?

Why was my comment removed without any explanation?

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The SmartCityCoin.io always explains moderation decisions via email to make the process as fair and transparent as possible. In fact, the moderation system is set up in such a way that it is not possible for a moderator to remove a comment without automatically generating an email with a brief explanation of the reason for failing the comment. If you have had a comment removed and you haven’t received an email explaining why, there could be several explanations:

The comment is still awaiting a decision – if it is removed by the moderator you will be informed.
The email has been filtered by your spam settings. Please check your spam or junk email folder or change your email settings to allow emails from SmartCityCoin.io.
The email address you have entered in your Smart City iD account details is incorrect or no longer in use. You can check or update your email details by signing into your Smart City iD and clicking on ‘Settings’.

Very, very rarely, technical issues may result in an email failing to send from the SmartCityCoin.io servers. If you think this has happened, let us know through our Feedback form.