Overall project health-rate during November 2018: .
Negative rate: Project passed through a Scam from Thailand. A tax related fraud by fake investor caused a minimal financial loss ($2,800), but impacted time. Nevertheless, situation does not impact the overall project development. Positive rate: Product structures and pricing in progress; Sales procedures development in progress; Crawling robots development in progress; Competition routine analysis development started; Recruitment procedures development ready; Domain acquisition strategy  - new domain won in auction; The third drawing - Smart Energy in progress - draft in review; Finished rebrand of ABC Smart City.

Last status: December, 11, 2018


Smart City Advisor  - the tendering part of the project. A positive mood on Advisor portal development remains the same. Infrastructure running. Core functionality & operations running. User management, added value and security running. The last month activity mainly covered content publication hierarchy and overall portal sections organisation. Continued work on a services and products portfolio development based on received data from crawling robots and data from analysis of sales and procurement processes setup.
Smart City Build  - the encyclopaedia part of the project. Development attitude and rating remains the same. Infrastructure running. Testing of categories, tags and products in progress in line with Advisor's and ABS's activity. The last month focus put on the vectorisation of the Smart Transportation drawing. Graphics elements under development. Vectorisation process speed decreased twice. Development speed limited by insufficient funds. Resources allocated to Advisor development and operations processes setup.
ABC Smart City  - the promotion part of the project. The last month mood growth-up for one star. The last month activities mainly covered branding of the portal. Editorial board operations stable.  Started development of articles related to Smart Technologies & Smart City evolution. Articles covers the history of Smart Technology. Content  covers over the 250 articles. Further last month activities covered by a migration to the preparation work, review of the site security and establishment of Debug procedures. The last month routine operations - stable.
TECHNOLOGY  - the robotics and automation part of the project. Development of public content research based on commercial crawling tools in progress. Successfully developed and ongoing testing of multi-source daily data download. Ongoing daily receiving data analysis and relations matrix with the Advisor's category structure in progress. Experimentation with a different proxy channels in progress. Continued analysis of data management on open-source databases in progress. Three database solutions under deeper analysis review.
BUSINESS - product and sales part of the project. Activity goals remains the same. The last month covered by product and services description. Products pricing in progress. Started work on routine Competition analysis and market research. Integration of Sales Force and Dropbox with JIRA and Facebook Workplace finished. Analysis of the sales process flows in progress. Product catalogue presentation style and logic in progress.
OPERATIONS - company operations part of the project. The last month activity covered by review of HR and Procurement processes. The main focus was on the Employee Journey flow including recruitment, hiring formalities and training of different levels of staff. Configured the main operations flow in JIRA system. Reviewed new staff training guides. Review of org. structure and wish-list candidates. Basic drafting of internal procurement flows and rules. Preparation of main procurement documents templates (PO, AoA, Agreements).
Last status: December, 11, 2018