Website network for support, promotion, and sales of Smart Technologies for Smart Cities.


Smart City Network project is built on the infrastructure on thousands of domains that host landing pages routing internet traffic to 3 main business sites. We already own 350+ domains and are planning to buy more according our domain acquisition strategy. The Smart City Network is about Technologies & and a progressive Human Mind-Set.
Smart City is an information network about the future cities & countries and their infrastructure development. It is about the logistics and transportation features and their effective control. It is also about the green & safe environment, modern buildings and their positive impact on citizens life efficiency and comfortable daily life. It is about the renewable energy sources and

their hi-speed research, development, distribution and replacement of conventional sources with a positive impact on the population health. The Smart City project is also about politics. It is about the proper government focus on long-term and strategic targets with attention on comfort level, instead of the current issue-based city planing and development.
Smart City is about Public services improvement and their automation. Smart City is about the digitalisation of city bureaucracy with a positive impact on citizens time & logistics. Smart City is about the education processes, better schools & universities, but also about free education platforms and programs with positive impact on citizens knowledge and participation in a clean, green, effective environmental culture. Smart City is about factories and industrial automation. About the robotics, sensors and their application to all thinkable parts of industrial procedures with positive impact on production speed and quality. Smart City is  about super-fast and super-comfortable commercial services selling faster and cheaper. Smart City is about researching data & technology to build complex intellectual
prediction platforms which optimise support for physical devices configuration. The most important aspect of Smart City is about the education of the people. The focus is to teach citizens to understand these new principles and  that technology is only 50% of the equation for better cities and higher life-comfort. The other 50% is the simple task of changing the human mind-set about the environment. Always remember "You reap what you saw".


The first part of the business flow is the Brand. This brand stands in the form of a fairy tale, that is telling a story about clean, green, safe & fair cities and citizens. To differentiate from other consultancy companies we are building a brand. We are designing unique visual experiences to present smart technology usability in common life with an animated and eye-catching

approach on the explanation of "how future cities" should look. Demonstrating how they should work and what should be the main principles and philosophy based on real existing technology and solutions, without sci-fi.
The Encyclopaedia stands independent from smart technology suppliers. It is comprised of thousands of products developed by suppliers from around the world. We compile them, catalogue them, analyse them, prepare the content for six intellectual groups and finally create a visual story for release to the Encyclopaedia.
We are calling this branding process “Design Story”. It is a story of twelve pictures, like the one you have seen at the top of this page. Each of the 12 pictures are twelve individual segments of industry. Every element of the
drawings has it's own specific purpose. On average, there are about a 160+ technology elements with a marketing story behind them. These stories (drawings) are further processed to about 30 000 graphical elements of the encyclopaedia pages. An inseparable part of the brand is the animated character named - Smarty the Robot. This mascot is a guide through all of the sites and processes. Smarty the robot is a smart young boy, about 12 years old, with a complete knowledge of smart technologies. He knows how to clarify everything, he knows all of the terminology, and he can explain all of this to anyone between the ages 10-99+ years old. He is cute, brisk, energetic, quick... sometimes hysterical, and rarely in a panic. Smarty the Robot
acts on web-pages as an interactive element that plays different roles to help clients pass through from the basics to complex project form compliance.
He will facilitate the communication with the client. Initially he is static, but later will come to live in site animations and video. Lanast Co. will fill the internet and social media networks with Smarty the robot. After about two or three years everybody will know Smarty the Robot and everybody will subconsciously connect him with our brand, our logo and encyclopaedia.
Smarty on MakeMyCitySmart.comSmarty will be the guide and helper. He will be presented on the site in the form of a figure with text in chat bubbles, similar to comics. Smarty will be presented on this site as a brand advertisement element for Smart City. This will teach our visitors to remember him. 

Smarty on - Smarty is at most at home here. This library of his is a huge encyclopaedia of smart industrial technologies. Smarty will act on every page of this web-site. He will be in all encyclopaedia texts, explaining, guiding, proposing, and maybe offer mystery advertising. 
SMARTY on SmartCityAdvisor.comSmarty is a Business man. He navigates visitors through menus and categories. He offers products and explains what to do and how to do it. He promotes and guides clients through the application forms, he is the connector to chats, calls, e-mails. Smarty is just a super-cool Sales and Marketing guy.


Another aspect of the brand quality and it's audience publicity is the information serving logic. The logic of presenting encyclopaedia data is structured into the six levels of information complexity. Based of the target audience age we have set a logic for word count, word complexity, word difficulty and overall content. I's a simple advertising rule "if your advertisement cannot be understood by a 10 year old, it is useless."
OVERALL INFORMATION - Information must be understandable by school children. The description of complex technologies from the real world by using terminology and text volume level along with sentence complexity to this segment of audience. 
USE CASES & STORIES - Making information valuable for students, allowing them simple copy-paste our text to their homework.
COMPONENTS & PARTS - Valuable information for common mid-level business management people researching what's going on different areas of smart industrial segments. This information is also valuable for mid-level managers in the political area searching for new options to improve their city quality.
SPECIFICATIONS - Valuable information for a project managers or solution analysts during the implementation project preparation, or for understanding of high-level specifications during the requirement specification process. 

PRICE RANGE - Independent estimates of industrial project pricing based on the common implementation pricing of different solutions by different scope and different price ranges. 
CONSULTANCY BOARD - Analytical and statistical part of the encyclopaedia, which includes valuable information for market research and forecasts based on the tenders, smart solution suppliers and common web-site user behaviour. 


Another part of the content serving fundamentals for large product catalogues is the proper categorization at the project creation stage. The main hierarchy level of the encyclopaedia are

Segments, Areas, Portfolios and Products. The Level 1 and Level 2 hierarchy look pretty simple. These are more or less independent units. On the third hierarchical level portfolios began crossing each other through the possibility of integration. On the fourth level everything could by integrated. Every technology (physical or digital) may impact the other one, on the principles of IoT.
Let's explain the easiest segment - Transportation. Under this segment are a variety of Areas, like - Smart Bus, Smart Railway, Smart Subway, Smart Cars, Smart Taxi, Smart Ports, Smart Airports, Smart City Traffic and Smart Country Traffic parts that all need some kind of innovation. Under every Area is a portfolio of services. For example - the Smart Bus portfolio covers: Navigation, Security, Logistics, Supplies, Bus station systems, Ticketing systems, etc. To cover all areas, it is a catalogue of over 1950 portfolio items, that's again granularized to smaller parts - products (physical items sold by thousands of smart technology suppliers).
Imagine a kind of a neural network of interacting devices. We have had amazing discussions surrounding the approaches to technological development, up to the level of quantum theories.
It has been pretty hard to keep structure and avoid the information disorder that is all over the internet right now. Especially, the press-mess in the area of intellectual/smart technologies in line with gadgets, mobile and smart home. That's actually one of the problems I'm going to solve by this project. We will help properly segment technologies and allow serious hi-tech development businesses to act faster.


The third part of the Business, is a business part of a platform is constructed based of web-page developed on the same brand graphics style as encyclopaedia, but using black & white elements only. The portal represents our Product Portfolio. Core business product portfolio covers the integration consultancy services for Smart City. Typical out-staff analytics, research & development, project management and business development. Similar services that you likely have seen many times in all world-wide integration companies.

But, we are not selling man-days. We are packing the effort into the boxes called Tender Products. We use a specific method to sell our products. We will force sales productivity by the business logic behind. A platform for matching public tender projects with solutions of smart technology suppliers. Tender <-> Product matching system.
Another product that we will sell is a business analytics. Statistics, reports and dossiers about smart industry development. Analytical part of the project goal is to develop industry development prediction platform with high probability of industry-manner forecasting. We are specialised and focused only to smart technology projects, Internet of Things and blockchain across all commercial business sectors. This smart industry focus give us advantage against similarly focused competitors. Another product channel we sold is
a legal, financial, economical guidance. We will provide information about the smart city standards, ISO and similar normative documents in a specific form for sale. We plan to serve public, third-party, as well as own developed analytics that we pack into the product. The main web-site attraction for a business client will be a daily publishing of news about the financial, economical, smart projects and grants oriented information related to intellectual-city development products.
Behind this front-end part of the web-site running e-shop solution - showroom for our products presented under the umbrella of the brand design. This e-shop is connected to a system running on back-end, the business intelligence of the project. All together it makes powerful product presentation and promotion engine.

Aggregation Tools - a data mining robots research into a public tender portals and mine the data from their web-sites. Later, we expect direct integration instead of mining. Another set of mining robots research public web-sites of suppliers of smart technologies and their products.
The data selection during the mining process will be configured by certain logic to recognise opportunity of data-type interest. As per the analysis of tendering data for the last 2 years, we recognised business interest in 9,41% of about 6.136 public tenders on a planned target market. 
Further, the selected data are processing by Business Intelligence that analyse the data and set category, tag and hierarchy level. Categorisation process uses the same structure, like we use for Smart City Encyclopaedia. For the quality purpose there is a set of audit processes that analyse unverified content and send information to product analyst (physical employee), who will get into the issue and setup correct configuration. 
When system find match between tender - client, based of the matched tender data we will develop Lead product. 
Our basic tender product is tender application guide/advisor. Our Client is a small-mid-size company, supplier of smart technology.
Our complex tender products portfolio covers a business development services, like - Marketing & Promotion, Sales, Legal, Project and IT. Our Clients may be both tender participates - buyer and seller, we act as a mediation node.
Our tender product's added value resource is time-saving for research and bureaucracy during the tendering process, a cost-effective business development option and is a business opportunity tool for smart-technology companies sales acquisition.
Our main product cost driver is our analysis and bureaucracy effort price compared to the client’s costs of using internal staff for the same work quality. There is a much more to say about the products & sales strategy HERE, but now let's continue with more fundamental principles of the project. We will develop a platform based on open-minded principles to form a contracting strategy. We will use the traditional sales methods as mandatory, but we will use a second option to process a project based on blockchain contracting principles. There are existing many interesting solutions on the blockchain products market, for example Aragon, KIN or INS that may easy and secure support commercial logistics, transportation or transactional business processes management by blockchain engine. 
On the current market is missing the integration connector between the blockchains and industrial business. Moreover, blockchain platforms still need much more promotion and use cases to succeed on a regulated industrial market. This is another problem that we will solve by this project. We will act as interaction channel for hundreds of cool blockchain solutions.We will be constantly trying to open them door to industrial development projects. We will build the adequate sales agents network to force their usability and sale!


The global trade platform using blockchain technology aimed at decreasing the corruption level in industrial tendering, brings down cost of project contracting, improving lack of visibility and inefficiencies of paper-based processes.
Tendering platform is a Procurement tool. It serves two types of information. A tender data - information about project or solution that buying party order in public tender. It contains an information about project details, requirement specifics, expected solution functionality, expected results and deadlines. A solution data - information about the solution, it's characteristics and specifics, documentation and also information about the implementation duration and estimated implementation and delivery pricing.


The last part of a Tendering platform services is the LifeBar scoring of the smart technologies. Based on smart technology analysis of solution, we evaluate aspects for rating of the solution's overall effectivity. The security part measures the level of the security improvement that new technology will deliver. For example infra vision camera monitoring system will deliver higher security to subways. The effectivity part compares effectivity parameters with other similar solutions. For example how the solution will improve the effectivity of the traffic, logistics or other aspects of smart industries or cities. The environment measures the impact on living environment. For example how impacts an city air and quality of the citizens health. The green development and green economics part measures how the solution supports gardening of the cities. The water saving part measures how the solution works with recycling of the water or uses water saving systems. This will be valuable parameter for the agricultural business. The cost per value parameter compares the solution to similar ones in the same category and assigns the rate. This parameter represents what value will get client by a specific price.


Cooperation of these three portals as the single eco-system drive the company's business direction. Software solution supported by а 182 people, by using а modern operation tools (digital marketing and sales performance tools) gives to the Smart City Enterprise Network power to support physical sales network - the profitability engine of the company.