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Our competition sell a catalogue items, a raw text data only. We will sell the story. Our competitors are focused to volumes and business model: make a subscription – search the data – get daily spam. We will offer similar service, but we will pre-select tender items, write a story (free as well as paid), […]

To be honest, nothing. We are not unique company. We are usual company with common org structure plans. What will be different from usual operations will be high level of gamification of the working processes by using the modern tool like Facebook workplace for communications, or Salesforce system for the selling. But company itself is […]

The brand and a specific specialisation.  The brand with a specifics visual expression of smart technologies that covers all our platform and services. The psychology behind the brand makes us recognisable and make an image. The main marketing tool is the encyclopaedia and this encyclopaedia will be A tendering platforms are common on the market […]